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Business Setup provides you all the banking assistance you need while starting your company in the UAE. Be it opening a bank account for your company, we can help you.

Opening a bank account is a very important aspect after acquiring the license for any company. Let us help you open an account or assist you with offshore banking in Dubai. Our connections with various banks allow us to help both freezone and mainland companies open a bank account in the UAE.
Banks have varying requirements in terms of documents, minimum balance requirement and specialization in certain sectors among others. The approach can vary depending on the case. Based on the needs and preferences of our clients, we can provide them with a list of suitable and reliable banks.

To have an account in the best bank in Dubai or to know about any of the UAE banks or offshore banking services, speak to our business setup consultants.

Business Banking Consultancy in UAE

For all your banking purposes for your new business ventures get teamed with the best Business Banking Consultancy in UAE to help you with a much more professional business establishment with all of your financial needs when you start your business in the UAE. The assistance and ideas provided by JP International group to open a bank account for your business is easy and quick. Speak to our business setup specialists if you want to open an account with the top most banks in Dubai or learn more about any of the UAE banks or offshore banking services.

Following the acquisition of a business licence, opening a bank account is a critical step. Business Banking Consultancy in UAE allows you with opening an account or with offshore banking in Dubai in a very ethical manner with proper legal authorizations. Our affiliations with a number of institutions enable us to assist both freezone and mainland businesses in opening bank accounts in the UAE.

Each and every bank have different criteria for documentation, minimum balances, and specialty in particular industries, among other things. Depending on the situation, the strategy may differ. However, Business Banking Consultancy in UAE may present a complete list of options based on their clients’ needs and preferences so that you may choose accordingly