how to start a consultancy business in dubai from scratch?

Looking to learn more about How to start a consultancy business in dubai? You will find all the necessary answers for your consulting company here.

Do you possess expertise in a specific field? Are you prepared to share your knowledge with others? Starting a profitable consulting business in the UAE is the best suitable business for you. Want to know why?

Uae is the second-Largest consulting marketing in GCC Countries. According to report in 2021, Uae has witnessed 16.6% growth and created a market value of us $736 million in 2021. We can simply understand about the strength of Consulting business in Uae.

Are you ready to start your own consultancy business in dubai? If you are ready then let us guide you to your consulting business.

Before starting to learn more about opening or set up a consulting business. Let’s start with  types of consultancy licenses in Uae

How to start a consultancy business from scratch?


  • Business Setup and Company Formation Consultancy
  • Management Consulting
  • Financial Consulting
  • Legal Consulting
  • IT Consulting
  • HR Consulting
  • Marketing consulting
  • Environmental consulting
  • Healthcare consulting
  • Educational Consulting
  • Supply chain Consulting
  • Energy consulting
  • Public relations consulting

They are few examples of diverse range of consultancy available in uae. Now we can move to  How to open a  consultancy business in uae?

Identify your specific area or niche in which your business will operate. This could be a particular industry, target audience, or set of services that you excel in or are passionate about.

Gather information about your target market, including demographics, preferences, competitors, and industry trends.

Create a strong brand identity that reflects your business values, personality, and unique selling points. 

Develop a comprehensive business plan that outlines your business goals, strategies, financial projections, and operational details. 

Determine the range of products or services you will offer and establish pricing strategies that are competitive yet profitable.

Create necessary documents and templates to streamline your business operations. This may include contracts, agreements, invoices, proposals, and other paperwork required for client engagements, legal compliance, and administrative tasks.

Register your business entity, obtain necessary licenses and permits, and set up operational processes and systems. 

Build relationships with potential clients, partners, and industry professionals through networking events, conferences, and online platforms. Develop a marketing strategy to promote your business and attract customers through channels such as social media, content marketing, email campaigns, advertising, and referrals.

  • Network in Your Own Way.
  • Grow Your Social Media Networks.
  • Create a Professional Website.
  • Join a Marketplace and understand customer requirements.
  • Partner with Other Independent Professionals.
  • Ask for a Referral From Your Clients.
  • Try Content Marketing and Seo for Website.
  • Price Your Services Right and Give Offers.

Steps to set up consultancy business in uae are as follows

  • Choosing business activities
  • Choosing Legal Structure
  • Selecting Company Name
  • Choose business location
  • Apply for trading license
  • Complete application & pay fees
  • Apply for trade license
  • Apply for your visa

Go through opening a company in dubai to understand more about each steps

If you have gone through the process of opening a company in the UAE, You must have understood about places where you can start your business.

You can either set up your business in Mainland or You can Set Up business in a free zone.

Choosing the jurisdiction for your business is very important since it affects the business in many ways. So it’s always better to consult Business setup experts from JP International management consultancy for choosing your jurisdiction.

Nowadays, people choose free zones to do business because they are cost effective and provide several Benefits like 100% ownership and 100% tax exemptions.

Mostly, free zones are also offering offer and coworking space as a good package which is best for a startup business.

Furthermore, You can discuss your requirements and our experts will help you in choosing your right jurisdiction.

I hope you got a basic idea about jurisdiction. In that case, now let’s move on to the required documents for getting a consultancy license.

  • Filled application form
  • Owner’s/partners visa and passport copy
  • Two Passport-size photos ( color )
  • Initial approval copy
  • No Objection certificate (Noc) From sponsors

As we previously mentioned, There are various types of consulting businesses and some might need additional documents.

Therefore, Our business expert will always keep in touch with you and give you necessary instructions to make you understand all these details.

On starting a consultancy company , The cost of starting a consultancy business depends on several factors like jurisdiction,Initial and name approvals,Tasheel fees,LSA notary fees,Corporate service fees,Immigration card,Emirates ID,Medical test cost,Status change,Visa stamping,Bank assistance,Tax consultation and VAT registration.

Usually average cost of consultancy license is between 13,500 and 25,000. But it differs because of all these factors.

A company typically refers to a business entity that is engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activities. On the other hand, a consultancy is a type of company or business that provides expert advice or specialized services in a particular field or industry.

When starting a Consulting business in UAE, Guidance is very important to avoid unnecessary costs so it’s mandatory get help from experts like us.

Also you might have so many doubts like where to setup your business,how to choose company structure and getting a business bank account.Likewise, Our experts give you free consultation to help you understand all these necessary things.

At JP International Management Consultancy, we offer unparalleled expertise and support to help you start your consulting business. With our years of experience and proven track record, we provide complete guidance from getting your trade license to incoporation of your business, ensuring a successful launch and sustainable growth in the consulting industry. Our experts will be always in touch with you, Incase of any doubts or enquiries you can contact without any stress.