How to start a cleaning company in UAE

If you are going to start a cleaning company in Dubai,Uae? Then, this guide is for you.

In this guide we are going to talk about how to start a cleaning company, different types of cleaning company, Required documents, and the cost of starting a cleaning company in dubai.

Before starting , let me tell you about why it’s good to choose uae for your cleaning business? As of december 2023, The population of uae is 10.17 million and employment rate forecasted to be 76.42% by end of 2024.

Since, Majority of people living in Uae are working professionals, And as you know it’s hard to clean your home when you are working 24/7 and Therefore, Requirement for cleaning company is always increasing

Since you are starting a cleaning business in Uae, you might be wondering whether cleaning business is profitable or not?. As the  uae cleaning services market is forecasted to grow at a high CAGR of 5.21% by 2018-2028. 

We can gladly say that it’s going to be a profitable business if we maintain the quality and make it affordable.

So now, Let us dive in to different types of Cleaning Services in UAE

What are the types of cleaning services in Uae?

  1. Residential
  2. Commercial
  3. Industrial

As mentioned, cleaning services are considered in to Residential,Commercial and industrial cleaning services. And subdivided in to home cleaning/ house cleaning, deep cleaning, cleaning and sanitization, mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, window cleaning, pool cleaning, office cleaning, laundry cleaning and many others.

When you choose residential cleaning for your cleaning company, You will be focusing on residential places like apartments and villas. You must clean bedroom,kitchen, bathroom and other spaces of the house. You need only basic equipment for this purpose.

When you choose commercial cleaning, You focus on hospitals,offices and buildings.It requires more advanced equipment compared to residential cleaning. 

when you choose industrial cleaning, You focus mainly on factories and warehouses. It needs different cleaning methods since the factory produces wastes which are highly hazardous. You must have high grade machinery for your industrial cleaning company and also a place for waste management.

When choosing your type of business for your cleaning company, we need to choose activities, and it may vary so it’s always to consult Business experts Like us for a free consultation.

How can you start cleaning company in UAE?

To start registering a cleaning business in Dubai, we need to register your company with Ded (department of economic development.) Now let’s go through the steps to set up a cleaning company in dubai

When starting your company, Firstly, you must choose a company name for your cleaning company. We must always choose at least 3 times for your company to check for availability. When choosing names, we must follow  few rules and regulations, so it’s always better to check with our consultants so you can choose suitable names for your business.

Depending on legal structure for your company, we can decide whether we needs commercial or professional license. Learn more about legal structures in Uae.

what is the difference between  professional and commercial license for a cleaningCompany?

When you select  professional license  you can have 100% ownership of company and Cleaning company can be registered as a sole proprietorship or civil company. 

In turn, When we apply for a commercial license we can register the company as L.L.C.One of the most important benefits to operating as an L.L.C company is that owners of the company have limited liability.

We  need to get No objection for your business to start from DED

Choosing your business jurisdiction is equally important as choosing the legal structure for your cleaning business in dubai. Business setup in Free zones have several benefits like 100% ownership,tax benefits and many others. 

But if you want to trade locally within the UAE market,Business setup in Mainland is your best choice but jurisdiction varies from business to business. Let our expert help you find proper jurisdiction according to your needs.

We need to select the right business activity of your business from Ded’s list of activities. There are more than 2000 activities and we have to choose our right activities from them.Our expert will guide you through it and select the activities on your behalf.

We decide a company’s credibility by having a physical office so it’s mandatory to have an office as your  base of operations. So we must choose an office space. You can also look at our article on different types of office spaces to understand different types of offices for your cleaning company.

Once you have completed previous steps, Now it’s time to submit documents to get your trade license. Once it’s approved, you have to pay for business license and get  your trading license.

Finally you have to Register with the Dubai municipality and you are good to go.

How to register a cleaning company in Dubai municipality?

Registering your company with dubai municipality is a very simple step everyone can do.

  1. We must sign up in dubai’s municipality’s official website
  2. After login, we must click on company registration.
  3. Fill in all the required details and Register it
  4. After registration, You need to confirm your email
  5. Upload necessary documents ( personal and business details like trading license, MOA, Company logo) In registration portal and you are good to go.

Even Though it’s an easy process there are chances of making mistakes, Therefore our business experts will take care of it completely for you.

Requirements documents to start a cleaning company license in UAE

  • Filled Application form
  • Three trade name options
  • Passport copies of owners
  • Entry stamp or visa page of shareholders
  • Noc from current sponsor
  • Additional approvals listed by ded

How much does it cost to start a cleaning company in Uae?

The average cost of a cleaning company  license in Dubai varies from 14,000 to 26,000. Additionally,cost of starting a cleaning company  varies according to factors like Business structure, Activities, business size, trade license fees, government approval fees, number of employees, office rent and many others.

To get the exact quote on starting a  Cleaning company in dubai, you can contact our Business Setup expert. We provide you 30 min free consultation and free quotes to open a cleaning company in dubai.

sub-business activities in your cleaning services license in Dubai

  • Streets Cleaning Services License
  • Sea & Shore Cleaning Services License
  • Building Cleaning Services License
  • Advertising Signboards Cleaning Services License
  • Runways & Roads Cleaning Services License
  • Yacht Cleaning Services License
  • Car Cleaning License

How can you market your cleaning company in dubai?

Marketing is very important when it comes to a startup company. In this digital world it’s mandatory to have an online presence for your company’s growth. By this way, we can attract new customers and be visible in the cleaning market.

Online marketing is the best way to market your industry. Begin by creating a professional website to showcase your services. Invest in seo (search engine optimization) and SMM ( Social media marketing). And finally paid only advertising in google ads and other social media to generate leads.

Sponsoring a few events and increasing visibility  is the next method to bring business to our company. Additionally, we can implement a referral programme that provides incentives to customers who refer you to businesses.

How to compete against other cleaning companies in Uae?

Cleaning Business in Dubai is drastically increasing. To compete against other cleaning companies we must keep a unique selling point. So what are the problems faced by your customers and how you solve them must be your unique selling point.

  1. Offer Flexible timing and hours 
  2. Having a flexible payment options 
  3. Have a good uniform which standout from others.
  4. Bring all required equipments for cleaning and avoiding using the customer tools
  5. Giving a referral discount
  6. Giving Daily packages, Monthly packages and yearly packages.

If customer retention rate is high, Use daily deal sites to give offers.

Why choose JPinternational Management Consultancy  for opening your cleaning company in uae?

Now, You have understood the importance of cleaning business in Uae. we have seen Market demand for cleaning company increasing every year.

Still you might be wondering how you can complete all these steps within few days. Don’t worry, Our Business Expert is ready to help you setup your business mainland or freezone within few days.

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