6 Types of Trade License and activties in Dubai

Types of Trade License

Types of Trade License For Business Setup?

Types of licenses in Dubai

An industrial license is like a golden ticket for businesses that bring physical things to life. Imagine a huge factory where they make cars, gadgets, or even stylish furniture. With an industrial license, a company gets official permission to set up shop, roll up their sleeves, and dive into the exciting world of creating tangible products.

Think of it as the official nod that says, “Yes, you can manufacture goods!” This special permission covers a wide range of activities, from assembling intricate electronics to crafting sturdy furniture. It’s the key for businesses that want to take raw materials and transform them into the products we use every day.

Now, let’s talk about the commercial license – it’s like the superhero cape for businesses in the buying and selling game. Whether you’re running a cozy store in the neighborhood, selling items in big amounts, or even managing an online shop, the commercial license is what makes it all official.

Picture a bustling marketplace where all kinds of goods exchange hands – from everyday items to unique finds. The commercial license is what allows businesses to be a part of this lively trade. It says, “You’re allowed to buy and sell stuff, making you a vital player in the marketplace.”

Next up is the crafts license, and it’s all about turning hobbies into small businesses. Imagine you’re passionate about creating things by hand – perhaps unique jewelry, artistic candles, or personalized artwork. The crafts license is like a magical pass that says, “Go ahead, turn your creative hobby into a real business!”

It’s the official go-ahead for individuals and small businesses to make and sell handmade wonders. Whether it’s crafting one-of-a-kind pieces or curating artistic masterpieces, the crafts license transforms artistic passions into legitimate ventures.

Now, let’s talk about the tourism license – the ticket to creating unforgettable adventures. Think of businesses that plan vacations, organize tours, and make travel dreams come true. The tourism license is what says, “You’re officially in the business of creating amazing journeys.”

This special permission allows companies to be the architects of memorable experiences. Whether it’s planning trips to far-off lands or organizing exciting excursions, the tourism license is the key to making travel dreams a reality.

Moving on to the agricultural license – it’s for those who want to get their hands dirty and work with the land. Imagine fields of crops swaying in the breeze or a farm bustling with activity. The agricultural license is like the green light that says, “You’re officially part of the farming world!”

This special permission covers a range of activities, from planting and harvesting crops to taking care of animals. With an agricultural license, individuals and businesses can contribute to the world of agriculture and play a crucial role in bringing food from the farm to our tables.

Lastly, let’s explore the professional license – the badge of expertise. Imagine being really good at something, like a doctor, lawyer, or expert consultant. The professional license is the official badge that says, “I’m great at this, and you can trust me for special services.”

It’s the go-ahead for individuals and businesses offering specialized services in fields like healthcare, law, consultancy, and engineering. With a professional license, trust and expertise come together, creating a pathway for professionals to make a positive impact in their respective industries.

In essence, each of these licenses is like a unique key that unlocks a specific realm of business activities. They give businesses the official thumbs-up to operate, create, trade, and provide specialized services, contributing to the diverse and vibrant landscape of commerce and industry.

Hope you had wonderful time learning about types of trade licenses in Dubai. Now let’s talk about activities comes under them.

Let’s explore the types of business activities typically associated with each of the licenses mentioned earlier and discuss why choosing the right activity is crucial.

License TypeActivitiesActivitiesActivities
commercial LicenseTrading in goods (import/export)Wholesale and retail tradeGeneral trading activities
Professional LicenseProfessional services (doctors, lawyers, engineers, consultants)Creative services (writers, designers, artists)
Technical services (IT professionals, architects, accountants)
Industrial LicenseManufacturing of goods
Industrial processing activities
Assembly and production operations
Freelance permitWriting and editing services
Graphic design and multimedia services
Web development and IT consulting
Tourism LicenseTravel agency and tour operator services
Hotel and accommodation services
Entertainment and leisure activities for tourists
E-commerce LicenseOnline retailing of goods
Digital services (software, e-books, courses)
Dropshipping and affiliate marketing
Types of License & Activities

A business can have more than one activities. There are more than 2000 activties in Uae.

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